FNCButton with DropDown


I have a newbie question regarding drop down menus and buttons.

I am trying to implement a button with a dropdown menu.  I have set the button DropDownKind := ddkDropDownButton, DropDownPosition := ddpRight and the arrow shows as expected to the right of the button. The DropDownWidth := 80 and DropDownHeight := 60;  I have set DropDownControl to a TTMSFNCPopup.

My problem is getting the menu to display properly.  I have created a TTMSFNCPopup and placed 2 buttons on it.  However I cannot enlarge the popup to a size big enough to hold the buttons.  It is always 26x26 and shows a small grey box.

If I set the button.AutoDropDownWidth := True, I do see part of the first button, sized to match the button, but the second one is hidden.  I would like the menu to be wider than the button.

What should I be doing to see a drop down menu like you can see if you use a TButton and a TPopup in FMX ?



I forget to say that the button is a TTMSFNCToolBarButton, Rio Upd 1.  FNC UI Pack 2.5.1

I have also tried to use TTMSFNCToolBarPopup and TPopupMenu.

The tool bar popup remains at 26x26.  The PopupMenu does not display, although there is a box drawn when the arrow is clicked.

And I meant to look like a TToolButton and TPopupMenu in VCL.


The TTMSFNCPopup stand on its own. You cannot use the TTMSFNCPopup in combination with the DropDownControl of the toolbar button, which is already using a TTMSFNCPopup internally. Please assign for example, a TPanel, the popup window will automatically take on the size of the control.
Thank you.

Adding a panel with the buttons as the DropDownControl works as I'd planned.

I'm still getting used to the FMX mindset.