ToolBarButton and DropDownMenu


I try to realize in a TMSWebCore project a ribbon. I have placed on it TTMSFNCToolBarButtons. For one I want to use the DropDown functionality. But I am not able to realize it. In past in VCL I used a popupmenu, but I read that this is not able for the button.

I find the VCL-demo Ribbon, but I do not understand, how the DropDown-Menu for the Paste-Button is created...

Can you explain me that, please?

Many thanks

I learned a little bit more:

I took a new TTMSFNCToolBar on the form and placed 2 TTMSFNCToolBarButtons on it.
I linked the TTMSFNCToolBar to the TTMSFNCToolBarButton which is the DropDown Button
In the DropDown Button I set the DropDownKind to ddkDropDown.
So now the TTMSFNCToolBar is shown if I click on the DropDown symbol.
But the problem is the sizing of the TTMSFNCToolBar. I set the Height to 100, set the AutoSize and AutoAlign to false, but it is displayed too small. Only one button is shown.

How can I fix that?


Do I understand correct that you set at design-time a width that fits multiple buttons and this is then smaller at runtime?

I did it twice:

First I did it in Design-Time, but I define it with the same values in runtime, also.


TB is the ToolBar...

Many thanks