Can't Create OneDrive Folder in TMSFNCCloudStorageServices Demo


I use current version and there are more problems in your demo version. In OneDrive you can't create a folder in a folder which was created by the demo program.

Make the test:
Create the folder "Demo" directly in OneDrive.
Start the demo program and open the folder "Demo"
Create the folder "Level 2", open the created folder and try to create folder "Level 3". Nothing, you will get an acces violation or sometimes also "Missing folder ID".
Also you can't create folder "Level 3" after a program restart!

And if you create a new folder "Level 3" directly in OneDrive, the demo can't create "Level 4" in it...

Also it isn't posible to delete the created folders in the demo program.

I hope, the explanation is clear enough.


Thank you for notifying.
We are currently investigating this issue and will report back as soon as possible.

Any news on this issue? Sorry to say that but in the last time many issue remains open, and we as businesses depends on the functionality of the TMS Components.


This was an issue in the demo application which has already been fixed.
Can you please make sure you are using the latest version of TMS FNC Cloud Pack?

Hi Radu,

I can say, that the current version now works as expexted. The only problem is the refresh after a folder creation/deletion. You have to reconnect to OneDrive to see the changes. But you need the current version of the demo program.

Hi Heiko and Bart. Indeed with the last version is functioning, thank you. Sorry for disturbing you and have a nice day.