FNC UIPack compile failure on update

"C:\Users\Anske Schaap\AppData\Local\tmssoftware\registered\TMS FNC UI Pack\FMXTMSFNCUIPackPkgDXE14.dproj" (Build target) (1) ->
(_PasCoreCompile target) ->
FMX.TMSFNCMemo.pas(64): error E2213: Bad packaged unit format: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\Dcp\FMXTMSFNCCorePkgDXE14.dcp.FMX.TMSFNCWebBrowser - Expected version: 35.0, Windows Unicode(x64) Found version: 35.0, Windows Unicode(x86) [C:\Users\Anske Schaap\AppData\Local\tmssoftware\registered\TMS FNC UI Pack\FMXTMSFNCUIPackPkgDXE14.dproj]

0 Warning(s)
1 Error(s)

How can i fix this?

This is a bug in RAD Studio 11, please install 11.3 to fix the issue, or manually fix the library path for Windows 64 bit.

The default library path for Win64 should look like this:


Note that $(Platform) is important

Thank you that was the trick.

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