FNC UI Pack compile error on Lazarus - LCLTMSFNCSearchList.pas(669,15) Error: There is no method in an ancestor class to be overridden: ...

Lazarus 2.2.6 / FPC 3.2.2 x86 and Lazarus trunk / FPC 3.2.3 x86, Windows 10


same problem today. The last 2 releases offered cannot be installed on last stable version of Lazarus. Perhaps the real possibility to be installed could be checked before offering them for download. Unless your team opts out of lazarus, in which case you might need to let us know.
Reminder: error encountered with the previous version :

Regards. Gilles

@Yolande_HEMERY this error is already solved: tms fnc ui - don't compile in lazarus

We fixed this. Next update will address this.

Thank you.

Thank you. I hope you will ensure that this problem does not occur again with the next version.

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