Lazarus trunk/Lazarus 1.8RC4

I have a strange problem in compiling this package. The compiler stops because not finding the unit


 which is in the package list and is existing in the source directory.

What might be the reason?

Best regards 

We only test against official releases (it is already a huge amount of work to test against these), so it is unclear what is happening here. From the description, it appears to be more like a compiler issue?

Possible, but I was surprised because the RC version shows no problems

The file name LCLTMSFNCListBoxRegDE.pas was in the package list, but the file has the wrong file extension LCLTMSFNCListBoxRegDE.Pas. Thats not important for Windows but a huge difference on Linux. Sorry that I didn't see that ealier...

Thanks for pointing out. That's very helpful. We'll have this corrected in the next distribution.