FNC Maps waypoints must be coordinates?

I'm migrating from VCL WebGMaps. With that, a set of route directions could be generated by specifying the start and ending addresses and a stringlist of addresses for the intermediate waypoints. I'd just like to confirm that with FNC WebMaps the waypoints must be geo-coded? I only see TTMSFNCMapsCoordinateRecArray for passing the waypoints.


This is correct, start and end location and waypoints are currently only accepted as geo coordinates.
You can convert string addresses to geo coordinates with TTMSFNCGeocoding.
At this time Google Directions is the only service that accepts directions request by using string addresses while other supported services only accept requests by geo coordinates. This is why TTMSFNCDirections currently only supports requests with geo coordinates.

However, this is a good suggestion and we'll investigate to add this feature for Google Directions specifically in a future version.

OK, thanks. That makes sense. One last question: How can I retrieve the optimized order of a route? How do I match the new order to the original order of the submitted locations?

You can use the AOptimizeWayPoints boolean parameter of the GetDirections call to decide if the order of the provided waypoints in the AWayPoints parameter should be optimized.

The optimized waypoint indexes are returned with the OnGetDirections event and are accessible through:

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