FNC Grid FixedFooterRow + no data

When I have a grid with a fixed header row and fixed footer row, but no data rows (so RowCount is 2). The footer is displayed direct beneath the header. As soon as I add some data rows, the footer jumps down to where it is supposed to be (= bottom of the grid). Is this as designed?

We have designed it to allow a fixed footer row as additional row to display data when there is data in the grid (summary row for example), because there is no data, the footer row display doesn't make much sense in the current implementation. Unfortunately it's currently not possible to display a footer row at the bottom without "non fixed" rows. The combination of RowCount = 2 with a fixed row and footer row is not possible. The grid falls back on the same approach as setting FixedRows := 2 when there are no data rows available, so in a sense yes this is by design.

I see. Imagine a grid with some records and you are goind to delete line by line. When the last row is deleted, the bottom row jumps up. This is a bit weird.

Additionally when FixedColumns is set to 1, RowCount to 2, with a fixed header and a footer, part of the footer is displayed in the fixed columns area at the bottom. This seems to be out of sync.

I'm going to reinvestigate and see where we can improve, thanks for the feedback.