Werid behaviour of grid

I have a grid that is Bound to a database Adapter. When the attached list has more rows than fit in the grid (scrollbar is visible) the footer is displayed correct, however the last data row is missing.

When I resize the grid, so that no scrollbar is visible, the footer shows the missing row.

Additionally, when there is only one row to be displayed, the footer disappears and the second row is grayed.

What?s going on here?

Sorry, wrong screenshot

This is the culprit:

 grdXLSZuordnung.FixedFooterRows := 1;
  grdXLSZuordnung.ColumnCalculation[1] := ccCount;

Without these lines, the grid behaves ok.


Grouping, filtering, sorting and all other grid operations that manipulate or use data are not supported while having an active database connection. To solve this, you need to use LoadAllDataAndDisconnect call on grid level and then afterwards apply grouping.