FNC Core not compiling with FPC 3.2.0

On June 20.th fpc 3.2.0 was released. Its not compiling the latest FNC Core package in module lcltmsfncstyleseditor.pas

Can you take a look pls?

Thanks in advance
Replace line 365 to:



We'll take a look but please note that we are only supporting official releases from the Lazarus IDE page which targets FPC 3.0.4. 

Ok, thank you. The next Lazarus release with fpc 3.2 included may take a while

@Pawel : Thank you, I appreciate your help

I understand, but the more FPC versions we support the more complexity is involved and the more issues rise. As soon as Lazarus incorporates FPC v3.2.0 we'll definitely take a look at which fixes are necessary.

Lazarus 2.0.10 is out with FPC 3.2 and i'm having a compile issue in a different place in core.

Replace this line with the code given above - line 365 was in FNC Core version, in version it is 410

Thanks for reporting, next version will have this fixed.