Compile error with new FNC UI Pack v3.3.0.0

I have removed all my TMS components (Web core, FNC components, Business core, Aurelius) and downloaded the new versions and reinstalled everything (after manually deleting all traces of TM components from users and appdata folders).

I can now create a new PWA app and compile it with a blank form and it compiles ok.

If I then drop a TMSFNCEdit component on the form and try to compile, I get "identifier not found "Size"" and it's pointing to line 2971 in WebLib.TMSFNCUtils.pas

I get various other errors depending on which component I drop on it.

Apps & Features has the following version information on it.

Is there something I have missed ?


FNC is compiled against a newer TMS WEB Core version, which means that it is currently not compatible with TMS WEB Core We are currently working hard to get TMS WEB Core 1.7 release ready so FNC can be compiled again.

Thanks Pieter. I'll be waiting for it :grinning:

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