FNC Cloud Pack upload limitation

I'm adapting the TMSFNCCloudStorageServices Demo to provide an FNC cloud backup capability in my app. I want to be able to upload a number of pre-assigned files to the cloud (rather than having to upload each file separately) , but have found that that cannot be done using the demo's btUploadClick procedure - unlike the TMS VCL Cloud Pack\Demo's UploadBtnClick procedure where this is fairly easily done. This is because the TTMSFNCUtils.SelectFile function does not have an opendialog1.FileName procedure available prior to opendialog.execute being called. Would you consider enhancing the TTMSFNCUtils.SelectFile function to allow this and be able to provide a multiple file upload capability?

This is a good suggestion. We have added this on our feature request list.

That would be great, thanks Pieter.

I have set the multiple file selection capability in the FNC ListBox, but can't see how to transfer the selected files to the 'Save As' dialog's 'File name' box to enable the automatic download of all the selected files? Only the first selected file is downloaded. Can this be done?

Never mind. I think it's going to be much easier to use a TOpenDialog and a TSaveDialog in my own code as you did in the VCL Cloud Pack demo. This gives a lot more control over the Backup/Restore functionality I'm working to introduce into my app.


We have meanwhile investigated this here, but the SelectFile function is actually cross-platform, and while multi-file selection is possible on Windows, it's not possible on other platforms out of the box. For Android, we have designed a custom file picker. We'll add this on our list, but it will not be as easy as setting one or 2 properties. Going with TOpenDialog would be a better solution for VCL.

Hi Pieter,

Yes, I agree and I'm working on adapting the VCL Cloud Pack demo code for the FNC Cloud Pack upload and download procedures. Thanks for looking at this.

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