FMX RichEdit... can it Zoom?


Does the FMX RichEdit component have the ability to have its contents "zoomed" or magnified to make the text bigger for people with reading impairments without having to change the font size?
My users want to zoom (i.e. 120%, 150%, 200%, 300% etc.) in the document without altering it.



At this time, there is no built-in support for this. The VCL version already has this feature and it is under consideration to also add this for FireMonkey in a future update.

I had the same problem. And I think that I have a kind of solution based on this basic idea (user r_j):

The problem was that if I applied the scaling (as suggested in the above link) to the whole rich edit then also the scrollbars were scaled in a very ugly way. So I needed to scale the scrollbars back and compensate for that by overriding some functions that use the scrollbars' sizes. See comments in the sources.

Here is the project in a zip file:

Maybe TMS Software could implement zooming based on my code and suggestions.
Or at least please make TCustomScrollingControl.ScrollSizeVert and TCustomScrollingControl.ScrollSizeHorz virtual in a next update.

As mentioned, our goal is to port the VCL feature to FMX. It's on our todolist.

The latest version ( of the FireMonkey pack has broken this. The TTMSFMXRichEditor no longer scales properly when placed inside a root TLayout with TLayout.Scale.X or Y greater than 1. I think this qualifies as a bug.

We received the same question by email and we'll follow-up by email.

To Navid Madani:
Thanks for discovering it.

I really must deliver a product that uses zooming, so I would appreciate if you could either add the zoom possibility very soon or at least change the component so that my workaround would be usable, again.


The update with fix will be released Nov 16, i.e. tomorrow.

Thanks for the fix, now my workaround is working, again.

@TMS, do you have an update on when to expect the zooming capability for firemonkey richeditor?

Sorry, due to very high workload, I can at this moment not give an exact ETA. It's on the list and as soon as possible, we'll provide this.