FMX Planner

When using the planner, I can't get the dialog box to show and allow entry of startime and endtime on the Planner dialog box for title and text entry. This works on all the samples, but copying a planner object to my app still looses the starttime and endtimes on the dialog box entry. How do I get the starttime and endtime on the dialog box to show and allow input?


To enable the dialog mode, please set UpdateMode property to pumDialog under Interaction options, or programmatically with the following code:

  TMSFMXPlanner1.Interaction.UpdateMode := pumDialog;

Yes, I have already done that with other Interaction options. I get the dialog to appear, but no entry for starttime and endtime, as I see when running the samples. I can enter title and text into the dialog. When running samples, I get the full dialog with starttime and endtime, but when paste into my form, the starttime and endtime goes away. One sample has other options for resource on the dialog, so I know there is some setting, or someway I can set a property to get the starttime and endtime back on the dialog.

I cannot reproduce this here, I see start time & end time for entry. What other FMX Planner settings do you have different from default settings?
If a problem persists, please isolate this into some sample source app and send it by email for investigation here.

Turns out, it was just the style. I was using Mac Blue Style, but when changing to another style, the Starttime and endtime reappeared.