FMX Fnc project convert to webcore


Is it possible to convert a FMX project build with only FNC components to webcore?
or can I create a tms webcore and import my FNC forms to webcore ?

My goal it to know is that if I build a FMX project using only FNC components to run on Android, iOs, Mac and Windows  then is it possible to use my code base for the web using Tms webcore?

Only VCL forms can be used/copied to TMS WEB Core as they use the same form type. FMX forms have different properties. But if you create the forms programmatically, then the code can be re-used to create a WEB Core project. Please take a look at our demo's. Some of the demo's use a UBL source code that is used in 4 project types: LCL, VCL, FMX and WEB, for example the PDFLib BMI demo in the TMS FNC UI Pack

Hi Pieter,

Thanks, I will check it