FloatingFooter on XE3 VERY BIG-BUG

The floating footer of DBadvGrid have a very important bugs on xe3

1) if i insert (by code) a record on grid near floatingfooter (last visible) i have an Error of 'dataset not in edit/insert mode'
2) last visible record is truncated (i see only top margin of entire record)
3) If i iterate on records of dataset (while ... next...), record near floating footer is ignored !!!!!
To correct the problems i must do DisableControls on dataset to insert or iterate trougth records !!
Bruno grids have BIG-bugs and i have problems with my customers !
HELP ME PLEASE correct THIS ....
Bye, GUIDO  
I started from the ADOEditing demo and enabled the floating footer on this grid and cannot see a problem for DB record insert. You can download the modified demo app here:

Are you using the latest version of the grid and if so, how exactly can we reproduce the problem?

by mail i've sent your modified sample in order to reproduce a 'Not edit insert mode' error ... compile and try to press 'copy' button and see ...


any news bruno ? received your sample modified by me ?


Sample not received. Are  you sure you have not left an EXE in the ZIP? That could have blocked delivery of the email.

i've sent sample at info@tmssoftware.com, now i've re-send again... check mail


bruno, news ?

The issue was traced & solved. Next update will address this.