FloatingFooter and CalcFooter update

Hi , 

i've always problem to update a footer SUM of my grids, When i insert/edit/delete records often dont update SUM's and value hide ! I must call always in my code :

Now .. there is a way to automatically call these procedure on a grid update ? after i inserted/deleted a row, update a cell etc... !

I use Delphi Berlin Upd2 and TMS Component Pack

Thank u

If you call

it should automatically recalculate all footer calculations after inserting, removing rows, updating cells.

ok.. there is an event of a grid that i can use to call grid.CalcFooter(-1) ? like a gridUpdate event !!

This depends on in response to what happening in the grid you want to update?

Excuse me when i insert/delete/edit a record/s of a dataset linked to a grid ... grid will updated .then there is a event that fire when grid will be updated ?

If this concerns a TDBAdvGrid, I'd recommend the dataset.AfterPost, dataset.AfterInsert, dataset.AfterDelete