Flickering TDBAdvGrid

Why refresh TDBAdvGrid causes flicker. Disable Control select enable control causes flickering lines for a moment. It looks like the refreshed grid after each record.
Members complain. It was not in the version from last year. What is going on ? It can decide a parameter? Please help.

Can you provide more details how we can reproduce this as in none of our sample apps I can see such issue here.

I have sent a video attachment showing the problem through support contact form.
I have started this topic because I thought someone could experience similar issues because this problem did not occur in the previous versions of component pack, the code unchanged.
I did not succeed in finding the parameter which could cause that.

I found the problem. When SearchFootery visible = true to have this problem. When SearchFooter visible = false problem does not occur. Users have become accustomed to this option so the exemption is not out of the question ... Please help solve the problem because I have no idea ..

Although we have no details at all on your settings and use of the grid except that you're using a search footer, we investigated this and might have found a cause for the issue. We'll send an incremental source update by email for your tests.

Sent amendment operates in this area very well. I thank the team TMS for a quick solution to the problem. I convey to our department tests to check the entire operation.