FlexMem Fields on second sheet


i've got a problem with FlexCel for VCL (we use Version 3.0.3).

The template we use has two sheets- both contain
datafields to be filled by TFlexCellReport and some FlexMem components.

All is fine, but those FlexMem-fields that shall be assigned to a named range
on the second sheet don't get filled. I have a MAIN range, that
and a named range for the FlexMem component, that is

The Cells that are inside the named range are named ##FlexMem_List##Col1 ##FlexMem_List##Col2 and so on,
and the FlexMem Component also is named FlexMem_List and has columns Col1, Col2, ...

But nothing works on Sheet2... on Sheet1, everything works.

I don't know what to do.

Oh I forgot, all rows should be on sheet2, not one sheet for every row, so FlexCelReport.PagesDataSet is not set.
Also works for components that access sheet1, but as I said, nothing appears on sheet2.


There shouldn't be differences between sheet1 and sheet2. But the Main name should be only to one sheet, if you need more than one sheet, define more than one __Main__range.

For example:
  Main1 Sheet1:$A1:J$1000

I am not sure this is the cause, because you need some range in the sheet, but not necessarily a main range. For example, the demo "A3.In Memory Datasets" is more or less your case (2 sheets with FlxMemTables, and it doesn't define a MAIN range for the second sheet since all data is already inside a VBirthday range. It could define a Main2 name, it wouldn't hurt, but it is not needed as long as all the tags are inside some named range. 

My steps to find out what is happening here would be:
1) Right click the FlexCelReport component and press "Check template".  Does it show any errors?
2) Can you look at the "A3.In Memory Datasets" demo and see if you are doing something different? 
3) If you can't find the problem, can you send me the template so I take a look? (adrian@tmssoftware.com)


I've tested the template with FlexCelReport, no errors.
On the first look, the A3:In Memory Datasets seems to do it like I did it.
I'll send you my template!

If you can't find a problem, I could send you a code snippet for generating the FlexMem rows.

I've found the problem!

I've done a FlexMem.clear after inserting rows. My fault! Sorry.

Glad to know it could be fixed :)

I was looking at it right now, and couldn't find anything wrong.

Yes sometimes, you see all big problems, but oversee simple problems, that look like big
problems :)

Thank you.