FlexCelImport & FlexcelGrid problem

I am loading an excel template with cells configured with (hh:mm) format from the template store and displaying it in a flexcel grid.

I have a strange problem in that I am inserting time values from code direct into the flexcelImport cells and then updating the grid display.

The error I get is with zero round numbers, for example if I insert 83 hours 0 minutes like so...  83:00
then the grid display shows 82:00.  which is exactly 1 hour less.

This happens when ever I insert a value with :00 minutes it always knocks the hour down by 1.

But if I save my flexcel to xls file and open in excel spreadsheet the correct value is displayed!

Please advise.


2 questions:
1) Are you calling FlexCelGrid.LoadSheet after the changes?  you should always call LoadSheet after you change FlexCelImport.

2)How are you entering the "83:00" time with code?
I've tried with the following code:
procedure TForm16.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  fmt: TFlxFormat;
  fmt.Format := '[hh]:mm';
  FlexCelImport1.CellValue[1,1] := 83 /24.0;
  FlexCelImport1.CellFormat[1,1] := FlexCelImport1.AddFormat(fmt);

And it seems to be working fine?

by the way, this seems like some summertime hour change, this is why I want to know the code you are using.

Hi Adrian
Thanks, you have supplied the answer!

I was doing this...  flexcelImport.SetCellString(1,1, floattostr(83/24));

However changing to this fixed it...  FlexCelImport.CellValue[1,1] := 83/24;

I am not applying the fmt to the cell because it messes with my grid colors, however the XLS template is already formatted to [hh]:mm and it appears to be working correctly now.

Thanks again for you fast response!

Thanks for the extra info.  Indeed, if you convert to  a string and back to a number there is a rounding error that causes this. While you shouldn't convert anyway to strings and back, I'll see to fix the rounding issue. We should have a fixed version soon.