FlexCel Studio DLL 7.11 released

We are pleased to announce the release of FlexCel Studio DLL 7.11.

To be notified of new releases open Topics tagged flexcel-dll-release and watch the tag.

This release updates the dll to use FlexCel 7.11. Below you can find what is new in FlexCel Studio for VCL & FMX 7.11.

New in v 7.11 - September 2021

  • Support for RAD Studio 11. Official support for Rad Studio 11

  • New overloads of methods for getting image information that take objectIndexes instead of imageIndexes. The methods GetImageProperties, GetImageName, SetImageProperties, DeleteImage and ClearImage now have overloads taking an objectIndex/objectPath pair instead of an imageIndex.

  • New methods to convert between imageindexes and objectindexes with support for grouped shapes. The new methods ImageIndexToObjectPath and ObjectPathToImageIndex can convert between imageIndexes and objectIndexes taking care of nested objects. The existing methods would only work in non-grouped objects.

  • You can now read and write the links of a camera object. The methods GetShapeLinkedCell and SetShapeLinkedCell now work in picures too, allowing to read or create camera objects besides to shapes with their text linked.

  • Improved loading of Excel 3, 4 and 95 files. Now FlexCel can load camera objects in Excel 3, 4 and 95 files. It will also load the image names for images in Excel 95 files (Excell 4 and older don't store an image name)