FlexCel Studio DLL 7.7 released

We are pleased to announce the release of FlexCel Studio DLL 7.7.

To be notified of new releases open https://support.tmssoftware.com/tag/flexcel-dll-release and watch the tag.

This release updates the dll to use FlexCel 7.7. Below you can find what is new in FlexCel Studio for VCL & FMX 7.7.

New in v 7.7 - October 2020

  • Improved handling of unknown parts inside xlsx files and improved Google sheets compatibility. Now FlexCel has a more solid implementation for preserving unknown parts and relationships inside xlsx files. This fixes issues that could happen when editing xlsx files generated by google sheets.

  • Bug Fix. When copying a sheet to a different file, ImageCount in the target file would return 0 even if there were images.

  • Bug Fix. FlexCel wouldn't allow some unicode characters in 3d formulas, while Excel would allow them.

  • Bug Fix. Improved support for camera objects. A new property MaxNestedCameraObjects allows to specify how many times a camera object can recursively draw itself.

  • Bug Fix. FlexCel could not read some files with deleted what-if tables.