Flex Cell DLL 7.16 error in writing fomula

I use a string to write a formula in cell

String := '=ROUND(SUM(J2:J125); 2)'

using the function

SetCellFromString(Row, Col, String)

i have an error

eFelxCoreExcpetion unexpected character ";" at pos 19 on formula : "=ROUND(SUM(J2:J125); 2)"

but the excel formula is correct


FlexCel uses english locale for all the formulas. That not only means that it is "ROUND" and not "REDONDEO" or similar, but also that the parameter separator is a comma ",", not a semicolon (the semicolon is used in langauges where the , is used for the decimal separator, so it if you write 2,2 it knows it is the number 2.2 instead of two 2s separated by a parameter).

Try with:

=ROUND(SUM(J2:J125), 2)

Also note that you don't need to use SerCellFromString to enter formulas, it is better and more efficient to enter:


SetCellValue(Row, Col, TFormula.Create('=ROUND(SUM(J2:J125); 2)')


SetCellValue(Row, Col, new TFormula("=ROUND(SUM(J2:J125); 2)")