Fix columns in DBAdvGrid


is it possible to fix columns permanently?
I mean for example the first 2 columns on the left side remain always visible even if the grid is scrolled right.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards

I´m not really sure if anyone understands my problem cause i can´t explain it real good...

For that reason i´m trying to visualize it:

A    B    C    |    D    E    F

if the user scrolls to the right, the first 3 columns should remain visible like that:

A    B    C    |    F    G    H

I spent several hours solving this problem, but don´t find any way.
Meanwhile i´m so desparate that i already tried to put 2 grids with the same datasource next to eachother. But that didn´t work well.

Hope anyone can help, cause i really need this feature.


Have you try to set FixedCols = 4 (if the first column is indicator/blank column)

Thanks for your response.

Of course i tried it. The problem is even if i set fixed cols to 4 and scroll to the right, the fixed cols disappear.
And the other problem is that i havent found out how to make fixed cols selectable. If i click in one of the fixed cols the data position does not change. That works only in the first fixed col (with the DB-indicator).