FIREDAC and fiBlobs = false


I'm using Aurelius with FIREDAC with FireBird as databasae.

When I set fiBlobs = false on the TFDConnection component, every check on the Blob field if is null of my entity, it returns true (MyEntity.BlobField.IsNull).

"When included, the BLOB field values will be fetched together with other record fields. Otherwise, the fetching will be deferred until a BLOB value is really read."

Any Hints?

Omar Zelaya

What have you set TFDFetchOptions.Mode to?

Aurelius doesn't call FetchBlobs explicitly, so it's up to FireDAC to properly provide the blob value automatically when Aurelius read it from the dataset. That's just it.

Please review our TFDConnection settings and make sure that reading the blob works with a regular dataset.