Find Column Index by Name

What is the best method for locating a column index by name. 
ColumnByHeader doesn't seem to find hidden columns even though they have
a header.  I could not find any documentation on this method.  I want
to be able to get the column index by using the Column Name.

something like GetColumnIndexByName('NameOfColumn')  would be nice.

Gary Conley

TAdvColumnGrid has a function grid.ColumnByName()

If you use TAdvStringGrid, a column does not have a name, it has an index.
You can use grid.ColumnAtPosition() to get the column index at a specific position in the grid or grid.ColumnPosition() to find the position of a column with a given index.

Thank you Bruno - Using a AdvColumnGrid then I could do something like

MyColIndex := Grid.ColumnByName('ColName').Index;

Does it matter if Columns are hidden or if their Size is 0?

In TAdvColumnGrid using grid.ColumnByName() should work irrespective of a column being hidden or with width = 0.