FMXGrid Column Index mismatch ?

I'm encountering an issue with column indexes.

I'll try to explain what I'm doing, but if some remains unclear, just ask.

I create and fill a TTMSFMXGrid runtime.
So I create columns with TMSFMXGrid1.Columns.Add.
Each created column I give (using Tag / ID) some information.

I create an EventHandler for the CellLayout using:
procedure TMSFMXGrid1GetCellLayout(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer; ALayout: TTMSFMXGridCellLayout; ACellState: TCellState);

Based on the extra information I added to the columns I now can change the layout.
Works just fine.

But when I have "hidden" columns, the ACol parameter seems to be the index in the Visible (not hidden) columns instead of the "real" column index.

Is there a way to simple determine the "real" column index from the given "visible" column index ?
Or am I just missing something ?


Yes you can use the following conversion routine:

Thanks Pieter, 

that will certainly help.

I just browsed the documentation again to see why I missed this function, 
but it doesn't seem to be in the documentation yet.

Maybe it can be added in the next release...

Four, almost five, years later, this is still undocumented. Sad.