Filter option unique

Is there such a thing as "unique" that can be used in QueryOption?

like $filter=date eq '2020-06-24'  unique

Same as SQL select unique(date) from table


For the automatic $filter option, no. Yo would have to create a service operation that performs such operation and return the value yourself.

Thanks Wagner.  Unfortunately I have no idea how to do that and don't have the hours to spend to learn. 

I was hoping that WebSQLRestClientDataset would allow the ability to pull a SQL based data set, but I don't see any documentation on how to use it with SQL.  

Would you please consider a $Distinct or $Unique at some point?


You can use the wizard to create a boilerplate:

Then declare a method in both interface and implementation, create a new FDConnection, FDQuery, execute it, return some object in the function result, and call it from the XData client this way (section invoking service operations):

We're considering improving the builtin query syntax, yes, but currently it's not available.