Filling WebClientDataSet with JSON


is it possible somehow to fill a WebClientDataSet with a String that contains valid JSON?

e.g. sth. like this.

WebDataSet.ContentAsJSON := '[{"testfield": "WebCore"}]';

I have not found any properties like this and no methods that were able to do this. However I can use a TWebClientConnection, point it to a dummy url that exists and delivers a short answer, use the ConnectionDataReceived EventHandler and change the Response Var Parameter to my JSON String but that would be a stupid approach of course.

If sth. like that doesn't exist, it would be very helpful to have it since I am not getting all JSON from a URI. Also the other way round would be great:

someJsonStrVariable := WebDataSet.ContentAsJSON;

With this, I could use all sorts of JSON Arrays as the source for a WebClientDataset.

or LoadFromJson(AJson: String) and SaveToJson:String or similar methods/functions...

This could of course also be a specific WebClientConnection or an enhancement of the existing one.

If this JSON is parsed to a TJSArray, it can be assigned to WebClientDataSet.Rows