TWebClientConnection HttpPost


I Stuck with such case.

I have webservice with HTTP Post Method.
Can't use TWebClientConnection as can't find where to set POST method.

Can use TWebHttpRequest but then cant find how to load data to Dataset.

Could you give an example?


There are examples in the demo folder.


Thanks very much for fast response

That is very Nice

But Basics/Dataset Shows how to access node in JSON result.
Just would be nice to have the ability to use HTTPPost with TWebClientConnection. (Will write to feature requests)

Services/Simple Show How to parse JSON. It's very helpful.

Is there Way to load JSON string to a dataset without looping though array returned by web service?

A TWebClientDataSet expects data to be loaded via a JSON array (via the .Rows property).
So, if your JSON contains an array, you would need to parse your JSON string first to JSON array and then you can assign it.

I have an array. But cant find How to load it to WebClientDataset.
Witch function/procedure does it?

Use property:
WebClientDataSet.Rows: TJSArray