CloudPack usage


I'm investigating about using CloudPack to add Google Calendar sync capabilities to a multi user application.
I want each user to have it's events synchronized with his personal GCalendar.
I already read about retrieving API key and secret.
Do I store them in the user account in the app database?
Does it require the user to have an opened Google session to synchronize?
Or can I test that the session is opened, to process silently?

Thanks for your directions.


A one time authentication and authorization process based on the API key and secret with user interaction is required.
Once a valid access token is available, no user interaction is required as long as the token remains valid. While the access token is valid there is no open Google session required.

Good news, thank you.

What do I have to store (only the token?) and where (DB, registry)?
This is a Windows client application.

You can use the SaveTokens call to store an encrypted version of the current access & refresh token in the registry, a DB or an INI file.

Further details can be found in the PDF manual under the Authentication persistence topic.
This technique is also demonstrated in the demo applications.

Thank you!