Feature request. Update subject and public key in CSR

Hi there,

via openssl it is possible to create a new CSR based on an existing one and to overwrite subject, like this:

openssl req -in entity.csr -out entity_updated.csr -subj "/C=GB/ST=Updated/L=Updated/O=Updated/OU=Updated/CN=example.com"

I would like to have a possibility to decode a CSR, take out a public part of key and set it in a new CSR.

At the moment, TX509CSR has a read-only public key.

@Bernard What do you think?

Thank you!

I have a very similar problem. I have to write a module (XData) for our internal CA, which gets a CSR. This must then be supplemented with internal information (CN, subject) and then forwarded to the main CA.
I am currently doing this with OpenSSL. However, I always have to create temporary files and then delete them again. This is a very unattractive solution. But since it didn't work with TMS, I had no other choice.
I would therefore very much appreciate it if the CryptoPack could be brought up to date; or is the CryptoPack no longer maintained? I also have problems with the processing of X509 certificates in some places. But I think I'd better create a separate thread for that...

Hi Helmut,
This would be better with a new function.
I'll work on it when I am done fixing the decode/sign process.

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Hi Bjoern,
The Crypto Pack is still maintained. There has been no recent update because I am in the midst of porting it to full Pascal and that takes much (much) longer than anticipated.
You can post your issues with X509 in another thread.