Extending DBPlannerItem

Hello everyone!

In my existing project I have to persist some more properties for each item in database.
(The TPlanner ist used in plDayPeriod mode.)
From documentation I got the info to create a descendent from TDBItemSource and implement
several methods. This Chapter comes with some more very short descriptions.

Are there some more hints about how to implement these methodes?
From distributed source I've seen that TDBDaySource is an descendent of TDBItemSource
but implementation of ReadDBItems i.e. is not such obvious...

And how to "connect" the new TDBItemSource to PlannerItem to use them as public and published

Are there some more "how tos" or example code?


You can link up in the DBxxxSource.OnItemToFields / DBxxxSource.OnFieldsToItem event where you can cast the TPlannerItem to your custom TPlannerItem class.

Hello Bruno, thank you for your reply. I will check it!