Explanation/doc for difference between JQWidget integration component and using library

1/ what's the difference between using integrated jqwidget component installed with the integration tools and using jqwidget with "manage javascript library" jqwidgets core checkbox feature.

2/ how can have some examples to use jqxWindonw with tms web core VS. When I use Vaadin Login form it's ok, it's appear on window design but nothing appens with jqxwindow even in debug mode.

Please some example or video about this tools.



  1. I'm not sure what you are referring to with integration tools. Can you please explain?
    There is no difference in functionality by adding the required jqwidget libs to your WEB Core product manually or adding them with the "manage javascript library" feature. As long as the version of the library is the same.

  2. I'm not sure what is going wrong here as the jqxWindow has not yet been tested in combination with WEB Core. Can you please check if any JavaScript errors are displayed in the browser's developer console?

Examples on using the jqwidgets in combination with WEB Core can be found in the Demo folder under jQuery/Grid and jQuery/Overview.

I talk about
1/ TMS Software | WEB Partners
WEB Smart HTML Elements (here are the jqx components)
This components are available in design mode with TMS WebCoreVS.


2/ "Extend TMS WEB Core with JS Libraries"

My question is what about difference between using this jqwidgets drag and drop component from design mode and "manage javascript library" feature.
Can we use both in same time, use one or the other and in both case could we have some examples
one when use jqxWindow with drag&drop component and the other one when use javascript integration jqwidgets core ???


There is no difference in usage. These are just 2 different techniques to add the JS libraries to your WEB core project. Some wrappers will automatically add the libs and other wrappers will require to have the libs added via "manage javascript library". You can manually add custom JS libs to your project as well.

Please note that the WEB Smart HTML Elements library and the JQWidgets components are 2 different sets of components. They can be used at the same time.
Demos and documentation are included in the downloads.

Can you please confirm if you are having trouble using a component from the WEB Smart HTML Element library or the jqxWidgets library?

Now I'll start my tries with jqwidgets components and back to you if I need.

the demo failed because an https calling is need to get json data but an error appears.

"HTTP request error @https://download.tmssoftware.com/tmsweb/demos/TMSWEB_ResponsiveGrid/cars.json | fMessage::HTTP request error "


Maybe it's the same problem:

This code tested here works fine:

procedure TForm3.WebButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
WebHttpRequest1.URL := 'https://download.tmssoftware.com/tmsweb/demos/TMSWEB_ResponsiveGrid/cars.json';

procedure TForm3.WebHttpRequest1RequestResponse(Sender: TObject;
ARequest: TJSXMLHttpRequestRecord; AResponse: string);
webmemo1.Lines.Text := AResponse;

Thanks for this issues.

one more things, just 2 demands, please some examples

1/ using jqxWindow with installed component
2/ using jqwidget libraries.

  1. Unfortunately there is currently no wrapper available for the jqxWindow component. We'll have to consider if this can be added in the future
  2. Examples for using the jqwidget libraries can be found in the demos folder of TMS WEB Core installation folder under jQuery the subfolder.