etFloatEdit on column of TMSFNCGrid

I'm working with a TMSFNCGrid manually, when I define a column with the property Editor = etFloatEdit and load the data on the screen, the following happens:

If I type any number with decimal places in the etFloatEdit column, it saves it, but if I click on the cell it disappears with the decimal places and shows the whole value and if I leave the cell it records this whole value in the cell.

Example: 325.25
when I click it is only 325.

Is it a bug, or am I forgetting to configure something?

I'm in Brazil, so the numerical format separates decimal places with a comma.

With that in mind, I changed FormatSettings.DecimalSeparator to a dot to see if it was something related to this, but it gets worse, because if I type 325.25 and after recording I click on the cell, the number becomes 32525

v5.1.1.4 | Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Please set the precision of the editor

TMSFNCGrid1.CellEdit.Precision := 2;