Error 'Unable to create process' on Win64

Below I will describe my setup and then the error I am getting.

I have Windows 11 and CB11.2 and CB12.1 install on the same computer. I have used the Smart Setup to install the VCL UI Pack. I did the command line instruction "tms update" to make sure I have the latest version. The installed version is TMS VCL UI Pack

When I create a new VCL project with an AdvStringGrid the Win64 platform will Build and Make Success, but when I run the program in the IDE it shows the error below

CB 11.2 Error: Unable to create process: Unknown Error
CB 12.1 Error: Unable to create process: Win32 error code 0xc000007b


The platforms Win32 and Win64-Modern all work OK.

Compile with or without runtime packages?
When compiling with runtime packages, are the (correct) TMS VCL UI Pack Win64 library files in the same folder where the .EXE is so these can be found?

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