Error releasing DLL with reference to Adv units


I am busy porting from Delphi XE5 to RIO and have run into a problem where my DLL's that reference the Adv files e.g. AdvGrid does not get released at all.

I am using version of TMS VCL UI Pack for Delphi / C++ Builder.

I wrote a small little application that calls a DLL 
Call DLL
LibHandle := LoadLibrary(PChar(LibraryName));
Release DLL

In the DLL I litterallly only have the following:

library TestReport;


{$R *.res}


When calling the release of the DLL it litterally hangs on that line of code and does not proceed.  When I remove AdvGrid and include e.g. Windows, it releases correctly.

Is this known behavior or do i need to do something in my dll when working with the components in a dll?


This is the first time we hear about such issue.

I tested this here and I cannot reproduce this.
If a problem persists, please provide a sample source test project & exact steps to reproduce

Hi Bruno,

I am investigating this further.  When I clear off all option sets and restart the project from scratch, there is no problem.  As soon as I apply my runtime packages, I get the error.

Please let me know to where I can send a test app once I can replicate with all my settings.