Element ID correspondence. Which HTML component must be associated with each TWebControl type?

In this video of José León, which I've seen many times, I detected that each type of TWebControl component is associated through the ElementID property with a concrete kind of HTML component. In the example:

TWebButton         => <button ....  </button>
TWebEdit             => <input type = "Text"...  />
TWebComboBox => <select data-placeholder... </select>
TWebLabel          =>  <span...    </span>

Where can I find a list of correspondences between the TWebControl descendants and the HTML types?

I'm trying to associate TWebListControl with

    but don't work. Nothing happens in the web-behavior.

I think it needs a <ul id="elementid">..</ul>

This is really the main question.


I've used the Control Sync context menu in the form of Delphi IDE, but I found two problems.
First, I can't discover new types of TWebControl descendant correspondence because only the web-recognized controls will be reflected on my Delphi form.

Second: In the case of the <ul id="elementid">..</ul> components, correctly reflected as TWebListControl, when I ran the program again after sync, I found that these components don't respect the aspect of the original HTML.

As you can see in the image.

We can look to make a comprehensive list. It is quite straightforward though for someone familiar with HTML elements.

TWebButton -> BUTTON
TWebEdit -> INPUT
TWebLabel -> SPAN or DIV
TWebListBox -> SELECT
TWebComboBox -> SELECT
TWebListControl -> UL
TWebImageControl -> IMG

You can also always put the control unlinked on the form and inspect the HTML tags it generated.

This seems to be a good idea.
I need to discover how to do it efficiently now.