Editing order by inserting required Fields


in my StringGrid the user is allowed to insert a new Row. After that he has to fill some required Fields before he can navigate to the next entry.

After inserting, Cell 0 needs an integer value (Cell 1 is already filled with a continuous number). If the user enters a valid number, the Cursor goes the Cell 2, then Cell 6 and so on. After this he is able to go to the next entry, otherwise the required Field is focused.

Which Events do I have to use for that?

Currently I'm using OnCellChanging, OnCellValidate and OnEditCellDone, but maybe there's a better solution which works flawless?

Thank you and regards.

What exactly were you missing when doing a full row validation from the OnRowChanging event?

I like to assist the user by inserting his field values. He should fill the required fields in sequence and skip the "uninteresting". I have to check which field was just filled so I can focus the next required.

That seems to be a different requirement than validation.

Controlling the sequence of entry in the row itself can be done from OnEditCellDone for example.