edGridDropDown editor : managing several


Probably a stupid question.

In your exemple : Example 81 : The edDetailDropDown and edGridDropDown inplace editors
it exists one edGridDropDown control with the contains filled using a "InitGridDropDown" into the FormCreate event.

Is it possible to use this way to fill up 2 column with edGridDropDown inplace editors.
InitGridDropDown1 for the first column and InitGridDropDown2 for the second ?

Or I have to do this with OnGetEditorType ?


The place to do this is from grid.OnGetEditorProp

Thanks for you quick answer

ok for "OnGetEditorProp"

That means I have to fill each edGridDropDown editor each time I need to edit it and not only once during the "form" creation ?


If you want two different dropdown grid controls, yes.


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