Easy way to show holidays?


Is there an easy way to show holidays in e.g. multimonth-view?
They just have to get colored like inactive days (saturday and sunday).
Kind regards

In PlannerMonthView one way to do that is to use OnGetDayProp like this:

procedure TAspaVarauksetF.KalenteriGridGetDayProp(Sender: TObject;
  Date: TDateTime; var Caption: string; CaptionBrush: TBrush; AFont: TFont;
  var BKColor, BKColorTo: TColor);
   if date = strtodate('24.12.2012') then begin
      bkcolor := clYellow;
      caption := 'Christmas';

That seems a bit static, I would have to maintain a list or database of coming holidays which is not viable.

I was hoping for a more automated version based on e.g. an online-calendar or the computers calendar.

Sorry, there is currently unfortunately not a built-in holiday calendar or some connection to an online holiday calendar (mainly as this differs quite a lot from country to country or from industry to industry)

Ok, thanks. Just wanted to make sure I hadn't overlooked something obvious.