Dropbox UploadMode umAdd is ignored

In the FMX version with UploadMode set to umAdd, Dropbox will create an "UploadeFile(1)" file if the file "UploadFile" already exists in Dropbox.

Setting the undocumented property UploadMode in the FNC version fails to do this.

  if OverwiteCloudFileCheckBox.IsChecked
    then TMSFNCCloudDropBox1.UploadMode := umOverwrite
    else TMSFNCCloudDropBox1.UploadMode := umAdd;


Please make sure you're uploading different content. Dropbox does not consider there to be a conflict if you upload content identical to what's already in that file, and the rename will only occur on conflict.

A reference to the UploadMode property was indeed accidentally not mentioned in the documentation. This will be resolved in a future update of the documentation. Thank you for notifying.

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