Dropbox upload : the old file remains


I use the following code to upload files in Dropbox.
The problem is that the user wants to backup the same files every day.

About half a year ago Dropbox renamed the old files on it own, but now we noticed if there is no file in the destination directory, the new file is uploaded, but if there is a previous version (with the same name), the Dropbox doesn't do anything (in other words the old file remains).
It seems to me that the Dropbox behaviour changed.

How can I modify my code so as it will always upload the new file and the old file would also remain there? Thank you!

 nci: TTMSFMXCloudItem;
 di : TDropBoxItem;
  ProgressBar.Value := 0;
  ProgressBar.Visible := true;
  IsUploading         := true;

  di := TDropBoxItem.Create(nil);
  di.Path := sFelhosKonyvtar;

  nci := Storage.Upload(di, sAllomany );
  ProgressBar.Visible := false;
  IsUploading         := true;

  if Assigned(nci) then


Can you please make sure the UploadMode property is set to umOverwrite?

Hi Bart,

Thank you for the answer.

I set UploadMode property to umOverwrite, I uploaded the same file to Dropbox and after refreshing the Dropbox it still shows: "Modified yesterday at 2:18 pm"

... but please note that if I upload the same file manually (without my program) using simple Drag and Drop, the Dropbox doesn't overwrite the old file with the new file...
So it seems that the problem might not be with your component but with Dropbox itself ...

Thank you!