Dropbox resumable uploads fail with ResponseCode 409 or zero byte files

Using the CloudServices component's ResumableUpload() method set to Dropbox.

Uploading small files has the component call the OnUploadResumableFileFinished() method with ARequestResult.Success set to True but Dropbox has a file with zero bytes.

Uploading a 161MB file fails with this information:

ResponseCode 409
ResultTotalBytes 98
{"error_summary": "incorrect_offset/", "error": {".tag": "Incorrect_offset", "correct_offset": 0}}

This is happening with Android 32 and 64 bit.

The project is working as expected on iOS.


We are not aware of any issues with ResumableUpload.
Which version of Android are you using?

I am seeing the same error(s) on Android 12 and on Android 13. Small files result in "success" but a zero byte file on Dropbox. Large files result in the 409 ResponseCode.

Thank you for your feedback. We'll investigate this issue and report back as soon possible.

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I appreciate that. Some of my customers have data stranded on their Android devices until I can get Dropbox working in an update.


We have been able to reproduce the issue here and we are currently working on a fix.
The fix will require non-trivial changes so there is unfortunately no immediate solution available. I will reply here as soon as there is progress on fixing the issue.

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Has there been any progress on this issue?

Apparently there is a deeper technical issue related to resumable uploads in Android related to the handling in SSL, so before we can handle the upload failure we'll need to handle the handschake issue in SSL on Android specifically related to DropBox.

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We can no longer reproduce this issue with the latest version of TMS FNC Core which contains improvements in this area.
Can you please try installing the latest version of TMS FNC Core and try again?

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Using the regular Upload() method gives this:

Upload FAILED with responsecode 400

'Metadata part is too large.'

resulttotalbytes 27

Using the UploadResumable() method works with large files.

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