Dropbox and more than 500 files in folder


I know, that Dropbox only give 500 files per list and the flag "has_more". The GetFolderList() event will called more than one time.

To get the full list I want to save the AItems elements in my own TTMSFNCCloudItems list.
The first time, I use this code:

var existingFilesList : TTMSFNCCloudItems;

if existingFilesList = NIL then

The other times I want to add the next AItems to that list.

for I := 0 to AItems.Count-1 do
  if existingFilesList <> NIL then
     existingFilesList .Add(AItems.Items[i]);

But it doesn't work. Could you tell me a hint, how I can save the complete file list.
And is it possible to implement a boolean value like TTMSFNCCloudItems.has_more. That's better for checking, if more files will follow.


The next TMS FNC Cloud Pack release includes an OnGetFolderListComplete event for TTMSFNCCloudDropBox that gets triggered after the full list of files and folders has been retrieved.

Thanks for the update.

But OnGetFolderList() and OnGetFolderListComplete() doesn't work with more than 500 files in a folder. If I try the CloudStorage demo to list the 1.500 files from subfolder, I get the error message "Missing folder path".

There was indeed an issue with getting 500+ files in a subfolder.
This issue has now been fixed and the update will be available with the next TMS FNC Cloud Pack release.

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