Drawing Order in Spider Chart

I have a question concerning the spider chart. I have set up a chart containing several series with series 0 as a reference for the others.
The series are drawn in their given order from 0 to n, but Lines of the following series cover the first series.
I would like to have series 0 in the foreground, so that it is always visible.
To change the order of the series is not a good solution, because this also affects the order of the legend.
Is there any other way to determine the drawing order or bring series to the front?

Sorry, the order of the series is determined by the index, which is also the order used in the legend. The 2 are not separately configurable. We'll investigate this here.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

In the meantime two other questions concering Spider Charts have poped up:
1) If serveral series should be drawn to show i.e. an ability diagram, the legend text and value text of the points can overlap if the value of two points are the same.
The legend text of a point can be changed via series.points options, but how can I change or hide the value text of a single point?
2) If the value of a point is zero, it is not drawn and even the segment is not shown. Is there a way to show zero values in spider charts?

Sorry, both requests are currently not possible using TMS VCL Chart. To have more flexibility about what is displayed and the way it is displayed you can take a look at the TMS FNC Chart. This chart offers the same spider chart functionality as the TMS VCL Chart, but with more flexibility.