Decimal values in chart

I'm looking to drawing a chart with decimal values but I don't understand how.
I try in the Overview demo (by the way the .ico is missing) and didn't manage to do it.
What's the trick ?



The formatting needs to match, I suppose 550,2 needs to be 550.2 (with a dot instead of a comma). And you also need to click on apply to see the differences.

Doesn't work with a dot neither. I click on Apply (wich seems to be automatically done on a changing value).

We are using TSpinEdit in VCL, which is not capable of setting decimal numbers. In FMX, this is possible. If you want to add decimal numbers in the chart, you'll have to add them programmatically

Allright, I manage to do it.
Last question. Values to 0 aren't draw on Spider chart. Is there a property to change ?

Yes, all spider (Pie) related properties are stored here:


Thanks a lot.