Download of huge file / GDrive


I tried to download a large database file (>400 MB) with the CloudStorageDemo from GDrive. Unfortunately I get either an Access Violation or an EOutOfMemory Error. Is there a limitation for download size? Any information would be helpful as I need to implement this for another program where I need to be able to download files of that size.

Another question: will you move to the new Webbrowser component in XE8 rather than using the Chromium package?

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Any idea would be appreciated

  1. On what platform do you perform this download?
    There shouldn't be an issue with files of >400MB, at least not on Windows when there is sufficient memory & disk space.
    2) The first evaluation of the new XE8 webbrowser on Windows reveals that it has shortcomings to be used for authentication & authorization for our cloud components. It is yet to be determined if we can descend from it and still make it work with extensions we add.

I tried on windows in a VM with 4 GB memory. I know that Google has a dialog for large files because of its virus scan - maybe this is interfering?

Is this memory error / access violation happening immediately or after a while?

Did you try it with our CloudStorage demo app and is it happening with our demo too?
If a problem persists, can you enable logging on the component and send the log file by email so we can inspect?
  1. OutofMemory occurs after a while
    2) I use your demo app
    3) I will send you the log file