Do not clear the component search filter when selecting a component

Say I want to add a TTMSFNCGrid, then a TTMSFNCGridDatabaseAdapter and then a TTMSFNCGridPDFIO, and maybe a TTMSGridPrintIO to my form from the component Palette in VSC.
I can find them by scrolling and scroooolling until I find them, or I can find them faster by typing FNCGrid in the search box, which displays them effectively filtering all others out.
Sadly for my purposes on the first paragraph, at the present time I must repeat the operation four times, because the search box is cleared the moment I click on the component and place it on the form.
This is exacerbated by the fact that lately the component search took some seconds, for some reason is very slow on my mac M1 and also on my Windows 11 (16 core processor). Am assuming is not any hardware issue.

My request is to leave the filter there until I clear it manually. It would reduce the search count to 1, making the process more efficient.