Developing browser-interface for XData / Aurelius

What would be the best tool / approach to develop a serious browser-interface / frontend for a XData / Aurelius server? Are there any TMS-components that can help me with that?
I would like to stay as close to Delphi as possible. Is IntraWeb a solution for XData / Aurelius?

Hi Ronald, if you want to say with Delphi for the front-end, then I guess Intraweb is indeed the only built-in option. There are some 3rd party frameworks like UniGui but then you would have to investigate if it fits your needs.

The point with XData is that it's based on common standard/practices, like Rest/Json. So basically you can use any type of front-end with it. When you mention "as close to Delphi as possible" I consider you are already there because your server and business logic is Delphi (XData). I have seen several customers using AngularJS to build a front-end for XData servers, it seems a very good fit. We are actually also investigating having a web front-end generation/framework for XData in a short/medium term, so you can also stay tuned for that.

Hi Wagner, thanks for your advice. I'm investigating the possibility of a browser-interface for the future (later this year), so I think I can stayed tuned for your solution. That has served me well in the past ;-)

A browser front end would be great. Delphi programmers need a path to the web.  I hope it will have a wysiwyg ide.  Will use JS? Any idea of when this will happen?  

We have no timeframe, we're investigating the technical possibilities. The initial idea is not to build a full UI framework with wysiwyg designer. What we intend to do, initially, is to provide tools and libraries to speed up the process of building Single Page Applications, which will require HTML/JS, yes. The goal is to reduce the need of JS the most as we can and leverage may tasks to the XData server.

This would be a great addition to your current set of tools.  I have looked around at html/js tools and most of them seem to be code based, not Wysiwyg.  If you are looking for ideas, I use the Wysiwig Web Builder which I find quite good.

any updates about the web front-end generation/framework  for the Xdata.

could you tell us more details about it? like what is the components included ? , any relations with .NET or interaWeb components? TimeFrame?
long term plan (future plan)?

It's under development and everything is subject to change, including "what" it would be. But for now, it will be a client-side, SPA framework based on AngularJS and other JS frameworks that will connect to the XData server and provide a front-end to it. 

So the the Reply is : Tms Web Core isn't it?

Yes! :-)